The Barona Valley Resort and Casino Loyalty Review

The Barona Valley resort and casino in Lakeside, California is just a stones-throw away from San Diego. It is easily one of the most beautiful properties in the area and it is also a great family destination as well, offering everything from world-class golf to hiking to numerous children’s activities. Besides the aesthetic attractions, the Barona is also home to excellent gaming that would compare to almost any downtown Las Vegas destination.

The Barona Rewards Overview

The Barona Valley has a true rewards program much like you’d see in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Since they offer a full casino with well over 100 games, players are able to be rated either at the tables or directly through the video slot/poker machines. Comps and freebies are also very common at the Barona and their loyalty rewards program is one of the better ones you’ll find in California.

The Barona Rewards – The Good

Considering that many of the other hotel/casinos in the San Diego area are designed to be more like slots casinos and other forms of video gambling, the Barona is truly a breath of fresh air for the serious gambler. Not only will you find a full casino at this destination but it also comes with all the perks that you’d expect from a world-class destination. The Club Barona card is your ticket to earning free suites, exclusive concierge service, five star dining, and just about anything else you could imagine.

Like many of the other California loyalty programs, Club Barona is a four tier model that starts you off slow but delivers big-time for true VIP’s and high rollers. It is truly one of the finest in this area.

The Barona Rewards- The Bad

Although the Barona is certainly beautiful and a great place to gamble, our sole complaint is that extra comps, upgrades, and freebies seem to be based on an exact formula that is not openly shared with consumers. We’ve seen some high rollers comped after fifteen minutes while others are declined after nearly the identical level of play, so that makes us wonder a little bit about the frequency of spontaneous membership upgrades.

The top tiers of Club Barona are also a little hard to reach for the average casual gambler, which could make it somewhat of a turnoff. Even lower level members receive comped meals and hotel stays, however, so the plan does work for just about everyone.

The Barona Rewards- Overall

Overall, the Barona Valley is easily one of the nicest casinos in California when it comes to big comp rewards and value. This destination is truly a resort as well, meaning that while you’re hitting the blackjack tables your family will not be sitting idle with little to do. Of all the casinos throughout California that we have reviewed, the Barona is easily within the top five.